Discover Switzerland’s Best!

Swiss Inspirations provides true discoveries — innovative and highly individual Swiss products that come with an inspiring story.

Our mission

Swiss Inspirations Ltd is a Swiss owned and Swiss based Sales -, Distribution – and Marketing organization.

Its strategy is to build through close partnership a sustainable export business for high quality Swiss brands and opening them a true window to the world.

Under the umbrella brand “Swiss inspirations” we allow our partners to benefit from our international expertise . Swiss Inspirations Ltd sees itself primarily as a sales and marketing organization. Our strengths are within international procurement-, sales-, marketing-, and store concept develoment, particularly in the international travel retail sector.

Our message

«Swiss inspirations» is a place of discovery! A black box with a true performance guarantee! We surprise you – again and again – with selected products to which you otherwise hardly get hands on.

Our brand

Swiss Inpirations is targeting an international, sophisticated and confident clientele in an up-market consumer segment, with an affinity for high quality Swiss product design and craftsmanship.

We present a relaxed and modern “Stage of Switzerland”, on which the individual brands and products play the leading role. The common roots and values provde the golden thread between these Swiss brands.

Most importantly we tell the stories behind the brands to emphasize their heritage, tradition, and underline the high quality standards of the products.